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DT series bulldozer friction disk
ZL series car loader friction disk
QY series hoist crane friction disk
Sedan friction disk
Forklift friction disk
Other treat the development
Automotive friction plate, motorcycle fr
Changchun City HuiLong friction plate Co., Ltd., Northeast China's first professional production of powder metallurgy friction materials series of joint-stock enterprises, and has passed through iso9001: 2000 quality system certification. The company has the professional tools and advanced detection products R & D capability, the main production of copper-based.....[Details]
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[09-09-04] After the brake pads instal
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Friction Material Introduction 2009/09/04
Friction Material Introduction 2009/09/04
Basic formula 2009/09/04
Changchun City HuiLong friction plate Co., Ltd.
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